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Injured Mallard Drake

25 May 2009

This drake was hit by a car and received injuries to his legs, beak, head and body. The main injuries are to the left leg and therefore he cannot stand.

Pigeon Rehabilitated & Released

06 Sep 2008

Click on image to enlarge This little man came to us late one Sunday evening from Animal Accident Recue Unit ( He was not in a good way, he could not even stand and had his legs straight outwards. After recuperating he was released earlier tonight. After flying around, he did 5 circuits before finding […]

Injured Pheasant Released

26 Aug 2008

Click on image to enlarge A few weeks ago we were presented with an injured pheasant, she had been shot, the shot had penetrated one leg and injured the other. We persevered with her, the main difficulty was her broken leg. To our amazement this beautiful bird made a full recovery and today she was […]

Released – Three wild birds

22 Aug 2008

Today we released three birds back into the wild. We released a blackbird and a pigeon which we had hand reared from young chicks. We also released an adult pigeon that came to us injured.  All of our birds spend time in our aviary to prepare themseves ready for release.

Two Collared Doves

11 Jul 2008

These two doves were released together in early July. One came to us as a chick which was hand reared, the other had a broken leg, which was repaired prior to release.

Pigeon with a torn crop

12 Mar 2008

This handsome guy came to us with a ruptured crop. The crop is like a first stomach for a seed eating bird, it is at the front in the breast are just below the neck. This condition can be caused by a pigeon overeating and causing strain on the crop. If not treated straight away, […]

Pigeon covered in chip fat

11 Dec 2007

Chippy Poor old chippy was brought to us in a poor old state. The owner of as kebab shop had thrown chip fat over him. As you can see he was all clean and bright eyed and bushy tailed, well feathered before we released him back into the wild Before all cover in chip fat                                                                                                                          Now […]