4 Mallard Ducks Released

This was mum with her remaining 4 ducklings back in July.

Mum makes a nest and hatches her young each year on the roof of the QMC Hospital, unfortunately this year she and her duckings walked over a newly sealed roof and were covered in sealant.

Mum and the surviving 4 duckings were brought to us, very sticky and covered in the sealant. We decided that the best we could do was to clean of what we could and keep them all until they molted.

Mum was released two weeks ago, today her four ducklings were released into a local pond.

Mum and her brood when she first came to us.

Four ducks nervously walking to freedom.

Ducks now hiding in the undergrowth.

Eventually they befriended another mallard and annoyed her, following her around the pond. they were very excited, diving and splashing around.

Releasing wild animals back where they belong make the very early mornings and late evening running a sanctuary whilst working full time, worthwhile.



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