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Pony Rescue

02 Nov 2014

In the past few days we got contacted to take in some ponies whose owner had been prosecuted. The owner had over 60 ponies, some pregnant mares, stallions and foals. Yesterday 22 were rescued and we have taken in 2 very young colts.The situation with unwanted ponies, fly grazing and unnecessary breeding in the equine population […]

More Hoglets Rescued

18 Jul 2014

Last night was spent rehydrating hoglets and picking fly eggs and maggots from them, Ugh. Painstaking but worth it if they all survive. What I actually wanted to be doing was trying a new recipe for cookies, making a spicy quinoa salad and applying a Lush facemask. Sadly a 1am finish, a stale sandwich and […]

Rescued Sheep – Mum and Daughter

12 Jun 2014

Meet Mary and Lamby as their called. this Mother and Daughter were pets, we took them on last week. Once sheered, vaccinated and wormed they will be introduced to our herd and put up for adoption.  

Meet Billy, Douglas and Herbert – Rescued Dairy Calves

24 May 2014

Like all other mammals, cows have to produce calves to produce milk. Cows produce milk for their offspring, not for humans and so the calves are the dairy waste by-product. The male calves and many of the females are taken from their mum’s at a day or so old and slaughtered, many end up in pet […]

200 Chickens Saved from Slaughter

24 May 2014

This week we have rescued a further 200 hens from a commercial caged farm in Cambridge, these hens would have otherwise been killed for pet food or cheap pies. Egg laying hens have a bleak life, as soon as they lay eggs around 16 weeks, they are confined into overcrowded cages, with little of their […]

M62 Lorry Crash – Rescued chickens

19 May 2014

You may have heard TV and Radio News Reports about a lorry crash on the M62 as it was travelling to the slaughterhouse, with 7,000 hens on-board. Unfortunately over 1,000 hens were killed in the crash and many more strewn across the carriageway. Whilst a few hundred were rescued, many thousands continued with their horrific journey […]

Sociable Rabbits

06 Apr 2014

Meet Fergus and Alice, they are deeply in love and are completely inseparable. Alice was rescued by a member of the public, who found her wrapped in a bin liner, thrown away, just like a piece of rubbish, Fergus’s story isn’t much better. Fergus came in with two other rabbits, each were infected with E. […]

Fox with Mange Rescued

27 Jan 2014

We fetched this poor fox this weekend from a nearby town. Initial reports were that the fox was lying in a hedge bottom and looking very sorry for himself, it didn’t sound good at all. By the time we got there, all kitted out to rescue him, he had moved. Even a dying animal, fearing […]