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Rescued Baby Hares

11 Aug 2016

Wildlife has been coming in thick and fast, well very fast indeed actually. Faster than we can cope with! These little leverets (baby hares) came in a two weeks ago. They were orphaned when their mother was trying to lead them to safety across a busy road and she was tragically killed by a car. […]

Annabell make a full Recovery

24 Dec 2015

  A few weeks ago Annabelle was in our hospital living in a harness with a double leg fracture. A few weeks on and lots of perseverance and Annabelle decided she was going to walk unaided for Christmas. Farm animal are selectively bred by man to produce ever cheaper food, this is at the detriment […]

Rescued Piglet

24 Dec 2015

This newly born piglet was found abandoned and defenceless; she would not have survived more than a few more hours without her mother. The people who found her contacted a nearby farm where she no doubt came from, they were told to “throw it in the ditch”, luckily they cared, they kept her warm and brought […]

Wandering Ronnie is Rescued

20 Nov 2015

On Monday we were on the road all day dropping off animals to new homes and then on the way back picking up a stray piglet. It rained relentlessly and we were nothing short of exhausted when we got home!! ‘Ronnie’ as we have called him was dumped in some woods near Retford and then […]

Cuteness Overload

25 Apr 2015

These piglets, probably around 2 days old, were dumped in the suburbs of London. They first went to a large national animal welfare organisation, unfortunately they said that they were too difficult to rear and they were going to be destroyed. Thank goodness, the vets who originally found them, decided they would not let this […]

Start of the Silly Season

19 Apr 2015

We often refer to Spring as the silly season, that’s because we get a constant precession of baby animals that need rescuing, everything from pigeons to foxes, hedgehogs to birds of prey. These two chaps are scwabs, baby wood pigeons. Unfortunately due to limited resources, we cannot cope with the shear number of calls to […]

Injured Fox – Now released

15 Feb 2015

This beautiful vixen, last years cub, came to us a couple of months ago, she had been hit by a car. She had a head injury, however an x-ray didn’t show any further injuries. The patient was put onto a course of antibiotics and wormed. Once recovered enough she went into our large fox enclosure […]

200 Barn Hens Rescued

15 Nov 2014

Today we have rescued some ex barn hens, at 18 moths old they reach the end of their commercial life and are normally sent fro slaughter to become pet food.  If you can give a home to some beautiful  girls who deserved a life-long loving home, then please Email photos of your coup and contact details […]