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Meet Harold

Harold was dumped in a field and left to fend for himself. We were called by the land owner.

Harold isn’t in fantastic shape and he has certainly been neglected. His hooves were very overgrown, his coat mattered and he has mites.

Once he arrived, we trimmed his hooves to stop foot rot, trimmed his cost to prevent fly strike and treated him with anti-parasitic drugs.

Unfortunately this chap will have to be own his own for a while, firstly to prevent the spread of the mites but more importantly, he needs castrating before he can go with the girls, we have enough unwanted animals without adding to the problem.

The costs of rescuing Harold will exceed £200, if you feel you could contribute to his treatment and that of the other aniamsl we rescue, we would be extremely grateful. You can make a one-off or regular donation by following the link below.



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