5 Piggies Rescue

This morning we took delivery of another five pigs, thats 18 we have rescued this year and a total to 14 we currently have at the sanctuary.

These group of five are three sisters and two brothers, bred irresponsibly, destined for slaughter had we not rescued them this week. Thank you to Pigs in the Wood for organising this rescue.

These pets pigs were rescued from a petting zoo that bred animals to bring in paying punters, at the end of the season these pigs and all of the animals go off to slaughter, once they have served their use.

Two mothers have been rescued, sadly one has given birth to a litter of deformed babies that have not survived, probably a result of inbreeding. These five and their mother are all healthy and now very much safe and looking for a life-long, permanent happy home, where they can forget their past.


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