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2 New Arrivals

31 May 2008

Meet Gerrard and Walter. Today we had two pot-bellied pigs rescued from a pub. These two boisterous lads were exhibits at a pub in Ruddington, however when the pub was sold, the new land lord didn’t want these two, so now we have them and are looking for their next home. Can you offer them the […]

Two baby Goats Rehomed – June 08

27 May 2008

These two baby goats were a result of the milk industry, unwanted and were destined to become pet food. Fortunately we rescued them and they now live in a large garden in Gedling

Toffee Rehomed – May 08

27 May 2008

Little sweetie Toffee was another Ebay bunny. He came to us with his brother Tigger. They both went in to be castrated and tragedy struck – Tigger died under the anaesthetic. A reminder of how risky operations are for small animals. We were so sorry to hear about Tigger as neutering is such a routine […]

Two Babies

26 May 2008

When Hickory the harlequin rabbit came into us there was a strong possibility she was pregnant. She gave birth to this adorable couple amongst others. They found the perfect home not too far away and when we dropped them off at their new home they went about exploring their new toys and new house. A […]

Fifi and Lola Rehomed – May 08

24 May 2008

hope I’ve remembered their new names correctly! These 2 were also Hickory’s babies and went off to live in a fabulous palace. They are such a lovely pair of rabbits and when we took them to their new home they spent a long time exploring it and that was before they’d even discovered there was a […]

Frankie Rehomed 1 Dec 09

18 May 2008

Poor Frankie. He is an adorable and affectionate rabbit. He was dumped on somebody’s doorstep with his brother Sparky and had to have an emergency operation to remove a nasty, large lump. We are still not sure whether the lump was from the fact that Frankie had been fighting with his brother or whether it […]

Delilah rehomed Rehomed – May 08

18 May 2008

When Delilah was here she was the ring leader for trouble and would dig tunnels galore. She’d suddenly emerge with filthy paws and face and have an air of innocence. She went speed dating with a lovely lop called Jacob. It wasn’t love at first sight but the fur didn’t fly so in true Delilah […]

Rescued Kids

17 May 2008

When we heard about some baby goats that were surplus to requirements then we had to give them a home. They are all males and we are looking for homes for them. We have had them castrated and they are still being bottle fed at the moment. They are still only 3 weeks old but […]

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