Toffee Rehomed – May 08

toffeeLittle sweetie Toffee was another Ebay bunny. He came to us with his brother Tigger. They both went in to be castrated and tragedy struck – Tigger died under the anaesthetic. A reminder of how risky operations are for small animals. We were so sorry to hear about Tigger as neutering is such a routine operation these days and it is very very rare that we should lose a rabbit. Poor Tigger went to binky at ‘Rainbow Bridge’ but Toffee found a great new life with a girlfriend who certainly loved him quite a bit when she was introduced! I hope they are getting on ok now as there had been a scuffle between the two and they had to be separated for a while. Hopefully they will go on to make a happy couple. Rabbit speed dating never runs smooth but it usually works out in the end

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