Rabbit Health Essentials

When people rehome a rabbit from us, we ensure that it has undergone a thorough health check including the teeth.


Teeth can be very problematic for rabbits, especially if they are not treated as soon as problems occur. Rabbits teeth continually grow, so if they do not have a good diet, their teeth will deform as they grow, instead of wearing down. This also occurs if the rabbit’s jaw is misaligned or their teeth grow incorrectly, all too common in rabbits that have been inbred.

Rabbits should have hay available all of the time, and have annual teeth check ups at the vets to see that the teeth are clean, wearing evenly and that, particularly the back teeth are in good order. Rear teeth problems can cause a rabbit to stop eating and in the worse cases, cause eye severe problems.

This little guy Tiffin was rescued by us, his bottom teeth were actually digging into his nose.

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