Tawny Owl Release

Posted by Jon in Animal Hospital, News, Rescued, Wild Birds on Sunday 20/06/2021 14:19 +01:00.

This Tawny Owl has this week been successfully released back into the wild, we now have another Tawny Owl and Kestrel being prepared for soft release.This Tawny was the victim of a road traffic accident, he had been hit by a car and grounded. An X-Ray reveled that he’d received a broken wing however we had the confidence it would repair.So after weeks of confinement in our animal hospital, we moved him to a soft release aviary where he could rebuild the strength in his wings. Following our final assessment, it was time to open the door, but keep leaving food for him to return during his transition back into he wild. He is now wild and free and flying perfectly.

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