R.I.P. Billy

There have been many tears at the sanctuary as we have lost our battle to save our gentle giant. Billy went down last week and had to be helped up again, during the week he has been quite mobile and we were quietly confident, however on Friday he went downhill rapidly, the kindest last act we could make for our baby was to say goodbye and let him go. Thankfully he received pain relief and was kissed and cuddled until he passed.

Billy was a true giant yet so gentle and was one of our most affectionate cows. We are truly devastated and it will take time for us to accept he is no longer with us and will no longer come over to us for a fuss. We can though reflect on the fact we gave him nearly 9 years of true love and freedom. He was a dairy bull and so born unwanted, we rescued him when only hours old, we saved him and Herbie, 2 of 18 being shot that afternoon. Billy had 9 amazing years.

The rest of the herd are very unsettled, working with animals you realise just how much they sense and also grieve for each other. They are receiving extra treats and fuss.

R.I.P. Billy 14.05.14 – 10.02.23

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