Meet Paddy

Posted by Jon in News on Saturday 13/08/2022 15:48 +01:00.

Can you please help us cover the £1,000 it has cost us to rescue Paddy?

Paddy is 20, he has spent almost his entire life with a cow, like cows, donkeys are herd animals and should always be with their own kind, Tulip his cow companion has been rescued too, she is now with one of our cow herds, now we need Paddy with some girls. We have a new home for Paddy with two female donkeys, however he arrived entire and so he needed to be castrated. He also arrived extremely overweight, his excess weight was compromising his health.

He has now lost 100kG, he’s been wormed, fully vaccinated, had a dental and thankfully now castrated, a risky and expensive operation for a 20 year old!

These costs has had an impact on our funds. Can you please help us raise the £1,000 costs of rescuing Paddy? He is such a lovely boy, soon to be homed with his girls.

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