We desperately need a variety of equipment and materials, as well as help, to allow us to continue to expand our sanctuary to allow us to rescue more animals.


2008 A Successful First Year for Brinsley Animal Rescue

2008 was a very important year for us, firstly Brinsley Animal Rescues was formed but it was also a year in which we had to fight red tape, to allow us to continue with our animal rescue, when we were forced to apply for planning permission. Fortunately it was eventully granted. Over the year we have looked after between 100…

Next Hen Rescue Postponed.

As many of you know our next ex-battery hen rescue was due to take place on 14th/15th Nov but unfortunately due to the powers that be (supermarkets!!!) this has been postponed until after Christmas. Due to consumer demand of cheap food over Christmas these hens will have to spend Christmas in cages. Fortunately though, we…