Myxi – Vaccinate Your Rabbit

This week we have taken in a wild rabbit with myxomatosis. On the night she came in we gave her antibiotics, quarantined her in a warm room with lots of Olbas oils, flushed her eyes, syringe fed her on some warm food and got rid of the fleas that she was infested with.  We weren’t expecting her to survive the night at all. She was very weak and had obviously been nursing young kits somewhere. This little girl is such a fighter that we are hoping she pulls through and can be released back into the wild.  We are now on day 4 and today for the first time her eyes looked less swollen.  If we can maintain her weight and fight off the secondary infections then she may well survive.  The treatment is very intensive and there is never any need for domestic rabbits to get this hideous infection if you vaccinate them.


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