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Goats Homed

23 Aug 2020

You may remember Myrtle and Morris’s arrival a few weeks ago, today we took them to their new home. They weren’t in good health when they first arrived at the rescue, Morris wasn’t castrated, they were both very thin and Myrtle had a dog bite to her face, which had been neglected and so was […]


20 Aug 2020

We have admitted another heron into our wildlife hospital this week. This chap was found grounded. Following an X-ray, it was discovered he has a fracture wing, fortunately it’s a crack in one of the bones and not a break. Bones take around 4 weeks to heal and so he’ll be with ius for at […]

Bobby Arrives

16 Aug 2020

Meet Bobby boy. Bobby on the right arrived this week, we needed a partner for Trudy Trotters, an abandoned pig we rescued a few weeks ago. Here you can see them meeting for the first time. Bobby is around a year old, like Trudy he is very friendly and loves attention, especially belly rubs which […]

Trio of Geese

03 Aug 2020

Gerry, Rose and Clover arrived recently and are now seeking a permanent home. We need a special home for greece, where they can be cared for and loved. They are only 4 years old, they can live till the ripe old age of 20. The trio of gander and two geese need to be homed […]

Sammy Gets a New Home

02 Aug 2020

Sammy one of our Dartmoor ponies has been homed this week, with a beautiful Shetland, he has settled in nicely and he’s already getting on well with his new girlfriend. We all miss Sammy, he was one our of naughty ponies, with loads of character, however we are pleased he has a new home.

Littel Hogs

25 Jul 2020

Today has been quite a busy hedgehog day. Ten hedgehogs have been released and four admitted. This little brother and sister duo were found in the garden of the member of public who brought them in to us. They weigh only 28g and are only a few days old. They were dehydrated, bladders full and […]

Stray Pig Arrives

20 Jul 2020

Meet sweat little Trudy Trotters, the new addition to the group of pigs we are looking to rehome. Trudy was found a stray, no owners have came forward, it is possible and in fact probable, that she was in fact dumped as is all too often. She is safe with us now, we are looking […]

Jet arrives at his New Home

04 Jul 2020

When Jet arrived just over 2 years ago he had a hairdo not dissimilar to someone in Pirates of the Caribbean with his thick untamed mane and dreadlocks. Fast forward a few months and we discovered a boy that was quick to learn and who aimed to please who even became a bit cocky. In […]