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Wild Mice Rescue

04 Nov 2008

When we cleared out one of our stables to make way for 150 ex-battery hens,¬† we moved some bales of straw and disturbed a family of wild mice. Unfortunately the mother ran off and we could not find her. We had no choice, her babies were too young to defend for themselves so we hand […]

Invasion of the hogs!

21 Oct 2008

Climate change means that hedgehogs are having second broods quite late in the season. We are getting quite a few young hogs in that weigh around 120g.¬† At this weight a hedgehog will not survive the winter. If you see small hedgehogs out particularly during the day then give us a ring. These 2 in […]

Hedgehog Rescued & Released

23 Sep 2008

This little girl was brought to us from our local vets, she was only a few weeks old and dehydrated. Following treatment and plenty of food, she was released tonight back into the wild.

Baby Hedgehog Rescued & Released

09 Sep 2008

This little girl came to us with her brother, the two babies had for some reason been split from their mother. Unfortunately he didn’t survive long, however this female has done very well and has put on weight. Now at over 300 grams she has been released her back into the wild. Rearing baby hedgehogs […]

Injured Baby Wild Rabbit Rescued

01 Sep 2008

Click on image to enlarge Today a baby wild rabbit around three weeks old, who had received injuries to a rear leg was brought to us from a farm in Mansfield. Following a trip to our vets for an X- ray, antibiotics and pain killers, she is making a great recovery. We are hand rearing […]