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Tommy Rescued from the Butchers

03 Sep 2012

We didn’t dare think about Tommy’s destiny, when we heard about his story, although we simply have no room, we just had to save him and take him in. Trading Standards in Coventry were involved in Tommy’s rescue, this sweet, friendly chap was found living in squaller behind a butchers shop, living amongst rubbish. He is […]

150 Barn Hens Rescued

01 Sep 2012

We have rescued another 150 hens, these were part of 20,000 birds going for slaughter, it would have perfect to rescued them all, but at least 150 will find life-long loving homes. These are barn hens, just like caged and free range hens, at the end of their commercial life they are sent for slaughter to become pet food […]

Billy and Smartie Looking for a Home

26 Aug 2012

These two guys need a life-long home. We originally rescued them almost two years ago, they were homed but due to a change in circumstances, they were returnded two us. Billy, the smaller of the two Shetland Ponies definitely has small man syndrome, but they are two adorable boys. They currently share a field with 5 turkeys, […]

Kestrel Rescue

01 Aug 2012

This chap was found on the floor, unable to fly, the report we received was that he had a broken wing. Fortunately, although very weak and with flat fly, he was well, but unable to fly. He is now recovering with us, he was initially force fed for the first few days, but is now eating himself and eating […]

Mallard and her Ducklings saved from a Sticky End

29 Jul 2012

This mother Mallard nests on the roof of the QMC Hospital every year to rear her young, the maintenance staff there take care of her and transport her young to water when ready. Unfortunately last week, roof repairs were carried out and mum and ducklings walked through wet sealant covering themselves in a sticky mess. Three of her chicks didn’t make it to us, […]

Mallard Released

25 Jun 2012

This little girl came to us in April only a few days old, all cold and very weak. A few hour in an incubator and she was on her way to recovery. Over the weeks we have been taking care of her until large enough to fend for herself in the wild, where she was released yesterday. At […]

Baby Thrush Rescue

17 Jun 2012

This time of year is so hectic for us, as all the baby birds and mammals come in. We are so full now, that we are having to try and divert them elsewhere, as hand rearing so many animals is such a drain on our time and even harder on work days. Some of these guys need […]

Ruby the Blind Fox

03 Jun 2012

Ruby the blind fox cub, who was brought to us in April has made a great recovery. When she arrived, she had a torn ear and an infected puncture wound to her neck and her eyes had a discharge. Although these health issues have now been treated by us, she is unfortunately blind and can […]