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More goats & 2 sheep!

11 Feb 2009

We have been asked to take on 4 goats and 2 Jacob sheep. We need help to build another enclosure for these animals who are already living together. Woody the goat in the picture originally lived in a ‘petting farm’ but kept escaping.

£1000 reward to catch swan killers

11 Feb 2009

Recently there has been a spate of attacks on swans not far from here. A swan has been shot in Jacksdale and Codnor as well as another 4 being attacked and 1 being decapitated. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are offering a £1000 reward for anyone with information on these horrific crimes. Anyone […]

This week is ‘Rabbit Week’

28 Jan 2009

We always make sure that all of our rabbits go to homes where they will live with at least 1 other rabbit. Rabbits are not solitary animals and in the wild live in large groups.

Hen Rescue – 150 Ex-battery Hens Arrive!

24 Jan 2009

Today we carried out our first hen rescue of 2009, these are ex-battery hens that would otherwise be sent for slaughter at 18 months old, all in the name of cheap food.


13 Jan 2009

We desperately need a variety of equipment and materials, as well as help, to allow us to continue to expand our sanctuary to allow us to rescue more animals.

2008 A Successful First Year for Brinsley Animal Rescue

08 Jan 2009

2008 was a very important year for us, firstly Brinsley Animal Rescues was formed but it was also a year in which we had to fight red tape, to allow us to continue with our animal rescue, when we were forced to apply for planning permission. Fortunately it was eventully granted. Over the year we have looked after between 100 […]

Lots of Rabbits Need Homes

05 Jan 2009

Over Christmas we have had lots of rabbits in.  Can you offer a rabbit a loving home?

African Grey Parrot Reunited

27 Dec 2008

On 19 December we rescued an African Grey Parrot who was sitting in a tree in Selston. The Parrot would not have survived long without food and in the cold.