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Swan Rescue

14 Feb 2021

We have been dealing with a few swans of late, 5 in the past 2 weeks with 3 still in our care.On Sunday evening we went out to rescue this large male, so large he’s doesn’t even fit our swan bag and so we have improvised using blankets to wrap around him to safety contain […]

Swan Rescue

25 Jan 2021

We have two young swans admitted recently, both from different situations.One cygnet arrived a couple of weeks ago, he has a large abscess on a his right foot. He’s been on antibiotics and pain relief, as he hasn’t been improving, he was operated on this week. Each day we now re-dress his foot, packing with […]

2020 in Review

30 Dec 2020

Click here to see our short video 2020 has been an exceptionally changeling year for many, the pandemic has posed many challenges for us to overcome, not least a significant loss of funds due to the cancellation of our opens days and all fund raising activities. Despite this loss of income, there has been no […]

Bunny Boys Homed

20 Dec 2020

This morning this beautiful pair of bunnies went to their new life-long loving home. The cage has now been cleansed and disinfected, before it has hardly dried the next bunny will arrive looking for a home.Its so sad that we cannot possibly cope with the shear number of requests to take in unwanted rabbits. Some […]

Six Rescued Rabbits

01 Nov 2020

This week we have stepped in to save seven unwanted rabbits from suffering a horrendous death, being drowned , you just can’t believe how low some people can go!We took a call from a person whose neighbour had six kittens and nine young rabbits, all unwanted and all about to be selfishly drown. We have […]

Wild Duck Rescue

05 Oct 2020

This wild duck is another victim of careless fishing, she was observed with a fishing hook and line through her foot, thankfully a member of the public waded in to the lake to rescue her and bring to us.She was understandably distressed, we needed to get the barbed hook out of her food, treat her […]

Nine Geese Rescued and Rehomed

05 Oct 2020

We rescued these nine geese this week, after their owner could no longer look after them.This was a fast turnaround, they are now in their new home and together as one large group.Geese can live to around 20 years old and not many people have enough land for them and so most geese are with […]

Meet Flo and Clementine

05 Oct 2020

Meet Flo and Clementine, rescued in the nick of time.We took a call about these beautiful ladies from our friends at Pigs in the Wood, they needed a home asap or they were off to be slaughtered.YHA a Castleton cared for them but no longer wanted them and they were no surplus to requirements. thankfully […]