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Rabbit Awareness Week 18th – 26th June

01 Jun 2016

What Is RAW ( Rabbit Awareness Week) ? RAW is the UK’s biggest campaign for rabbit welfare. With rabbits being the UK’s 4th most popular pet with around 0.8 million rabbits in households to day, it still holds the title as one of the most understood pets to date. RAW is run by Burgess Pet […]

Jerry Meets his New Girlfriend

29 May 2016

We rescued Jerry 5 years ago when he was destined for slaughter and his market value was £5. Yes, £5. The whole country is awash with unwanted ponies and since then things have got worse, a lot worse. The lucky ones end up at rescue centres where lots of time is spent working and interacting […]

Please Give Maggi & Marzia A Loving Home….** Home Found**

18 May 2016

We’ve have now found a home Maggi Marzia Gender: Female Age: 2-3 Breed: English Spot x Vaccinated: Yes Neutered: Yes Bonded to Marzia Gender: Female Age: 2-3 Breed: Angora x polish Vaccinated: Yes Neutered: Yes Bonded to Maggi As part of Rabbit Awareness week we are really trying to find Marzia and Maggi a loving […]

Jasper Finds a New Home and a Girlfriend

08 May 2016

Today, Jasper one of our Dartmoor ponies found a great new home with a gorgeous little mare for company. He was so excited at his new home and his new friend was loving the company. And the good news is that the home he has gone too may have room to squeeze in one more!! […]

Bring and Buy Raises £2,028

24 Apr 2016

We had a wonderful bring and buy sale today, thank you to everyone who helped us over the past few weeks preparing and the many that helped on the day, some are still here now cleaning up. A huge amount of work goes into making these events a success, we cannot do it without the […]

Our New Cow Crush Arrives

16 Apr 2016

A massive, massive thankyou to everyone who donated towards our cattle crush appeal!! We managed to raise the amount we needed to buy hurdles, a race arch, inspection gate and a yoke. Many thanks to Buntings too who were very kind in giving the charity a massive discount. When we actually measured our boy […]

New Muck Spreader Arrives

09 Apr 2016

Today we took delivery of our new muck spreader, well its not exactly new but it’s certainly fit for purpose. Thank you Henry and Ken at Stretton Agri-Machinery ( for helping us out, for finding a suitable budget spreader, refurbishing it, delivering it to us and giving us a lesson in muck spreading! Having 10 […]

150 Hens Rescued

31 Mar 2016

We have carried out a rescue in the past few days and have 150 hens to rehome. These hens are rescued barn hens approximately 18 months old, we have rescued 150 out of 20,000 going for slaughter from a farm in Surrey, they had reached the end of their “commercial life”. Sadly we could not rescue […]