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Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits

16 Mar 2019

Rabbits, rabbit, rabbits!!!!! The situation with unwanted rabbits isn’t getting any better, this week we have had separate calls to take in 26, yes 26 in a week! Of these, we have managed to take 10 in today, sadly we don’t have room for the other 16. While some of these have been well looked […]

Billy finds a New Home

11 Mar 2019

This weekend we rehomed our little Billy who first came to us in 2011, when he arrived with Smartie. Back then they were both very nervous boys, a result of neglect and mistreatment from a former home. Billy, a miniature Shetland pony is now full of confidence and full of character. He loves the girls […]

Three Little Piggies

10 Feb 2019

The relentless calls to take on pigs never eases. Lukilly for this trio we had space created by rehoming others. These three brothers are three years old, all castrated and super friendly, now looking for a forever home. Pigs do make amazing and rewarding pets, as long as you do your research and cater for […]

Patsy and Angel Homed

03 Feb 2019

Today Patsy and Angel, two of our female goats went to a new home to live with a male. Angel was originally a stray, Patsy an unwanted pet, they have been together now for three years. We’ll miss this lovely pair, however we are very grateful for a forever home.    

Ewe Rescued

24 Jan 2019

This lovely young Ewe (to the RHS on the first pic) has just come to us as a stray. She was found on public land miles from any farm or other sheep, with no ear tag we are unable to locate her owner. She’s very nervous, not surprising considering her ordeal, being all alone. She […]

Meet Mr Piggie

19 Jan 2019

Meet Weebo, he has recently come in to the sanctuary. His story is one we hear far too often, a person who bought a so called “micro pig” which has now grown too large. Weebo is only 10 months old, he’s actually small for a pig, he has a few more years of growing to […]

Abandoned Bunnies Rescued

18 Jan 2019

This week we have taken in another pair of abandoned rabbits. This beautiful and very friend pair of girls were found dumped in a layby next to a busy road. Fly tipped, thrown away as if life doesn’t matter. Domestic rabbits would not stand a chance in the wild, if not taken by a fox, […]

Ryan and Gary in their new Home

15 Jan 2019

Also this weekend we rehomed Garry and Ryan. You may remember Ryan, he came to us as an orphaned Canadian gosling last spring. When his mother left her nest with her brood, Ryan misjudged the jump and fell over a wall and became separated. We took him in and successfully hand reared him. We did […]

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