Meet Smoky and Jet

Posted by Jon in News, Pigs on Friday 02/08/2019 17:05 +01:00.

Meet Smoky and his girlfriend Jet who have come from a school that could no longer care for them.

This lovely couple of 7 years are a bonded pair and are now looking for a permanent home, as are three other pairs we have at the rescue.

Pigs are highly intelligent, social creatures that should live in social groups of 2 or more. They require plenty of space to forage around, items for stimulation and be prepared for the land to be turned over into a quagmire, they’ll destroy¬†a 100m2 area in less than a week!

Piggies need access to fresh water, feed every day and a dry, wind and rain proof housing, not to mention very, very strong fencing.

Please note that there is no such breed as a “micro-pig”, this is a sales gimmick. Pigs aren’t fully grown until around three years of age and even a small breed will reach around 100kg and they are very, very powerful. they’ll make matchsticks of garden fencing in minutes.

Please see our website for more guidance on responsible pig keeping.

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