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Pigs Seeking Homes

12 Nov 2016

Can You Offer A Home for Our Pigs? The pig situation in the UK is still awful. Last month we had to turn away a 108 pigs – thats right 108! We have very limited resources at the santcury for pigs and we try our best to take on or give advice to those that […]

Ponies Looking For Homes

12 Nov 2016

Seeking New Homes! After working hard with these individuals, teaching them the basics of pony life such as putting a halter on, leading and picking up feet. We have now decided that they have graduated and to let them find new life long homes. How To Adopt Serious enquires only please! If you think you […]

Goats in need of a Loving home

12 Nov 2016

Can You Offer A Loving Home For Our Goats? We have two pairs of beautiful goats that are looking for lifelong homes. Goats make great pets, they are very friendly and often love human attention. They need lots of space, a shelter to get away from the wind and rain and you need fencing at […]

4 Deserving Ponies Need A Home

07 Nov 2016

   Meet Willow, Magic, Albie and Romeo! Kept on a different site, these lovely four ponies are looking for their forever homes: Willow Available  Age: 7 month old foal Gender: Female Passport/Microchip: Yes Vaccinations? Flu & Tetanus started Estimated Height: 11- 12hh Breed: Dartmoor Temperament:  Willow is very sweet, has plenty of energy – and has a […]