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Solomon and Latchley

06 Mar 2011

These two guys were taking in by us in 2010 and re-homed, unfortunately things didn’t work out and today their back with us. These two castrated pygmy goats are very friendly and need to be re-homed together. They need a field or large garden, with secure fencing and somewhere to sleep and escape from the sun, wind and rain.  

Released – Rehabilitated Mallard

07 Feb 2011

This chap came to us early in the new year, exhausted and very weak. A few weeks of rehabilitation and he was ready to go. Its times like this that makes the 6am 14 hours days seem worth while.

Meet Smartie and Billy, the Shetland Ponies

30 Jan 2011

These two boys Billy 6 years and Smartie 15 years, were originally rescued from owners that had abused them, unfortunately after sometime, the new owner could no longer afford to care for them so they have been taken on by us.

Meet Bertie, the not so ‘Micro-Pig’

19 Dec 2010

When we first saw a breeder sell so called micro-pigs on the news, we just knew what would be coming our way. There is no such thing as a micr0-pig.  Pigs are generally quite large and very, very powerful animals, a micro pig is a smaller version, but certainly not small or micro as many breeders claim.

Swan and wild Duck Released

14 Nov 2010

We work very hard from 5am until 11pm, 7 days a week, so that we can rescue and care for so many animals and hold down a full time job. This time of year can get very depressing with the cold, wet weather and dark mornings and nights and the relentless phone calls and animals needing […]

100 – Battery Hens Rescue

05 Nov 2010

Tomorrow we are rescuing another 100 ex-battery hens,this is part of 3000 that are being saved from being sent to slaughter for pet food. If you are on our waiting list, please be patient, it does take time to home check.

Chinchilla on the mend

01 Nov 2010

We have to deal with unwanted pets coming to us on an almost daily basis.  We can only cope with so many and so it is very  hard  for us when we have to say no, far too often. These pets are given up for many reasons, some genuine but increasingly many more are given up […]

Swan Rescue – Updated 24 October 2010

21 Oct 2010

This young swan came from Sleaford, she is very weak and easily caught which is unusual for a swan. We have put her on antibiotics and are having to tube feed her twice a day.