Meet Bertie, the not so ‘Micro-Pig’

When we first saw a breeder sell so called micro-pigs on the news, we just knew what would be coming our way.

There is no such thing as a micr0-pig.  Pigs are generally quite large and very, very powerful animals, a micro pig is a smaller version, but certainly not small or micro as many breeders claim.Micro pigs are generally crosses of pot bellied or Kune Kune pigs, but as soon as the word micro is attached, breeders push up the price to over £800. What a great marketing idea, we only wish we had thought of it! (except unlike breeders, we care about animals).

Bertie is a fine example, he was bought as a birthday present from a leading seller of micro-pigs. The purchaser received very little information or advice, they were told that he  would stay the size of a cocker  spaniel and shouldn’t castrate him as it was cruel. Bertie was born in February and  already dwarfs a cocker spaniel yet he has another two years to grow.

This is complete nonsense, pigs are highly intelligent and sociable and shouldn’t be kept on their own and need to be castrated at a young age. Bertie is currently quite aggressive as he is now sexually mature. He will be castrated this week, then we will try and find him a home. However,unlike breeders we will carry out home checks and tell people the absolute truth about pig keeping.  Owners of pigs are also governed by laws regulated by DEFRA and all owners of pigs should have a County Parish Holding number.


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