8 Fur Farm Rabbits Rescued

Posted by Jon in News on Sunday 21/08/2022 15:45 +01:00.

We were part of the huge rescue mission that this weekend that managed to get over 200 rabbits out of the now closed Shut Down T&S Rabbits farm. These 8 girls were destined to become meat and their pelts used as fur. They have arrived with some health issues, we have already vaccinated them and treated them for ear mites and bites. They have been given fresh hay and can forage for the first time in their short lives and are just loving the tunnels and toys and exciting trays of hay we have given them. They are chilling and exploring their new accommodation.

To pay for their treatment (vaccinations, neutering, worming and ear mites) we need to raise £1,400 !!! Please can you help us save these girls?

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