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Brinsley Summer Newsletter

18 Jul 2016

This is the first issue of the “Brinsley Blag”, Brinsley Animal Rescue’s quarterly newsletter. In this Summer addition we follow the topics of: * Centre News – Recent developments, fundraisers and donations that involve the centre. * Rehoming News – All the animals that have recently found their new homes * Farm – Meet the […]

Jack and Stevie Get a New Home

17 Jul 2016

Jack and Stevie are re-homed together in a wonderful new home. This pair came to us together about a year ago and have kept a very tight bond, so it’s important that we don’t split them up. Thankfully these guys have a new home and what a posh house they have, they have certainly landed […]


14 Jul 2016

Rehomed Description: Yo! My name is Erica! I am around 11 months old and am agouti doe. About Me: I came to the centre on the 24/2/16 and was part of an abandoned litter. Nothing is known about my parents so the centre is unsure about my breed or size. Temperament: I am very feisty […]

Click Here To See Our Available Pigs

14 Jul 2016

Thinking About Having A Pet Pig? Whilst pigs can make great pets, many people do not do their research and take on pigs and shortly afterwards regret it and then we receive the call to take on their pigs. We will offer unbiased advice. Pigs do make very good pets, they are clean and intelligent, […]

Thinking Of Getting A Micro-pig? Click Here

06 Jul 2016

This is a “micro pig”….. This is also a “Micro pig” The Truth About Micro Pigs Micro-pigs were all the rage a year or so ago, now the novelty has worn off, people have realised that these¬†intelligent, clean, highly sociable animals need love and attention and if not given that attention, can soon become¬†destructive, not […]

A typical Busy Weekend at the Sanctuary

03 Jul 2016

Another busy weekend but at least the sun finally came out and we all felt better for it (volunteers and animals alike). We had fundraising events going on, hand rearing, mucking out, appointments for animals, movement of pig arks (with tractor getting stuck), builders working over the weekend to try and get projects finished for […]

Gerrard and Walter in their New Home

01 Jul 2016

Gerrard and Walter, now Ronnie and Reggie have left the sanctuary for their new permanent home thanks to Brinsley Animal Rescue. These boys came to us about 6 years ago, they were un-castrated and therefore really boisterous. After a year or so and after being castrated, we fortunately re-homed them, sadly they were returned a […]