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Thinking About Having A Pet Pig?

Whilst pigs can make great pets, many people do not do their research and take on pigs and shortly afterwards regret it and then we receive the call to take on their pigs.

We will offer unbiased advice. Pigs do make very good pets, they are clean and intelligent, but you need to have the right environment for them

Please consider the following;

  1. Strong fencing, even small pigs easily smash their way through normal garden fencing.
  2. A large area, pigs are very intelligent and need a large area to roam . If they are confined, they get bored and can become destructive.
  3. Companionship, pigs must never be kept on their own, they must be in groups of at least 2.
  4. Boars must be castrated as soon as they are old enough or they can become aggressive. All of our boars are castrated.
  5. A good diet including pet pig food (not commercial or they will get fat, leading to problems), also fruit and vegetables.
  6. Cover such as a pig arc or shed with clean straw bedding
  7. Pigs can be kept indoors and can be house broken, however we don’t recommend it. They need a good amount of space and must have access to the outdoors. Also remember pigs are destructive, they can rip up carpets and even pull doors off kitchen cupboards to get to food.

You need to be aware of the regulations regarding the keeping and registering of pigs, as they as classed as a farm animal.

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