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A Massive Thank You!

28 Jun 2016

  A few weeks ago we put out an appeal for materials for our hay barn. A few massive thank yous are now due. Nutbrook Aggregates ( have very kindly donated two 20 tonne loads of stone for the base. If that wasn’t generous enough, Longcliffe ( kindly collected and delivered one load free […]

So Your Thinking Of Getting A Rabbit…..

17 Jun 2016

  Rabbits can live up to 10 years! Can you commit to this? Rabbit’s can make wonderful pets. They are as playful and loyal as a dog with the comical aspects of a cat – and let’s face it they are adorable!    Many people think that rabbits are the ideal starter pet for children, […]

200 Hens Rescued

10 Jun 2016

Today we have rescued 200 commercial hens, these had reached the end of their “commercial life” and were due to be sent for slaughter. Please get in touch if you can offer life-long homes for rescued hens. We ask for photos of enclosures and your set up, so that we are confident that it is spacious […]

Buttons Goes to his Life-Long new Home

05 Jun 2016

          This weekend has been even more manic than normal, with two fund raisers as well as looking after the animals. We need to raise £1,000 a week, so we attend various events raising to help us raise the funds we need to pay for food, bedding, equipment and vets bills. […]


05 Jun 2016

*** Rehomed *** Description: My name is Blackberry and i am around 8 months old. I am a black continental giant female. About me: I arrived at the centre on the 29/6/16 with my brothers, Wallie & Twix. We were unwanted pets. Temperament: I am quite an outgoing rabbit who loves to play! Type Of […]


05 Jun 2016

*** Rehomed *** Description: Hi there my name is Twix. I am a male, around 8 months old and am a stunning yellow continental giant.  About me: I arrived at the centre on the 29/5/16 with my bother, Wallie and my sister, Blackberry. We were unwanted pets. Temperament: I am a shy but curious rabbit, […]


05 Jun 2016

Wallie Rehomed 🙂 Description: Hello my name is Wallie. I’m around 8 months old and still have a lot of growing to do! I am a boy, white with beautiful red eyes and am a continental giant. About me: I arrived at the centre on the 29/5/14 with my brother, Twix and my sister, Blackberry. […]

Rabbit Awareness Week 18th – 26th June

01 Jun 2016

What Is RAW ( Rabbit Awareness Week) ? RAW is the UK’s biggest campaign for rabbit welfare. With rabbits being the UK’s 4th most popular pet with around 0.8 million rabbits in households, it still holds the title as one of the most understood pets to date. RAW is run by Burgess Pet Care, ( […]