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Blind Fox Cub

29 Apr 2012

This poor girl was found wandering around in a car park with no sign of mum, so she was was brought to us. She is around 12 weeks old and is unfortunately blind in both eyes, she also has signs of having been attacked. She has a torn ear and a couple of infected wounds. She is […]

Mallard Duckling

29 Apr 2012

This young mallard duckling has been with us for a week now and doing well. The duckling was found on its own, with no parents around or any other ducklings. It can be quite difficult to rear single ducklings as they can become quite stressed and withdrawn on their own, constantly crying for their parents, fortunately this chap has done well […]

Springtime Orphans

28 Apr 2012

Springtime is a particularly hard time for us at the rescue, with plenty of baby wild animals coming in, almost every day. Each animal can take a huge amount of time and effort, so it puts an extra strain on the charity. Firstly we need to assess the patient, we need to be sure of the […]

Molly & Basil the Pygmy Goats Rehomed

07 Apr 2012

Meet these two cherubs, Molly and Basil recently came too us. They are two friendly female Pygmy goats, that are with our group of 5 which also includes a large male and a pair of castrated males Pygmy’s. Once wormed and vaccinated, they will be ready to be rehomed. If you can offer them a permanent […]

Billy Goat Rehomed

04 Apr 2012

Meet Billy, the latest goat to come to the sanctuary. Billy is a 12 year old castrated male, he came from a dog rescue centre where he has been living for the past few years on his own. Billy is now with other goats, he is very friendly and looking for a permanent life-long home. […]

Meet Horace and Roland – The Cruelty Case Rescued Pigs

01 Apr 2012

Until now, these two guys have lived an appalling life, they are extremely obese and have lived in a small and very muddy garden. These castrated male Kune Kune pigs  are so obese that they can barely move, its very likely that they have been fed too much of an inappropriate diet and not had space to exercise and enact normal pig behaviour. All […]