We Finally Move into the New Wildlife Hospital

Earlier this year we were approached by the Executors of the estate of a kind lady, who, had unfortunately passed away. Being an animal lover, she had left her estate to animal charities.

We put together an application for the funding to complete our wildlife hospital, which has been in progress for almost a year now.

We were all jumping over the moon with joy, when we heard that our application was successful and now the funds have been received. This is the largest donation we have ever received, without this kind donation, our hospital would have to wait for  many more years of fundraising.

We have now received £15,200 to complete the hospital and work is now almost complete. The units and worktops are in, floor layed, heating on and we have running hot can cold water.

We have never met the late Kathleen Robinson, but we very much hope that she would be very proud of how we have spent her legacy. We feel that Kathleen’s kindness and compassion towards animals in her lifetime, will now continue for many many years, thanks to her legacy, we  can finish our well equipment animal hospital and treat animals for many years.




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