Muscovy Ducks Looking For A Home

Posted by Jon in Rehomed on Friday 01/09/2017 22:10 +01:00.




2 Available

Description: Two male Muscovy ducks. The darker is more confident then the lighter. Very comical breed making strange noises and head movements as they waddle. Pretty to look at too with their black feathers that turn green in the light. On the large side of the scale.

Type Of home Wanted: Ideally would like a home together, these two are used to other breeds of duck ( saxony and running) as well as chickens. They need a house to sleep in at night that is fox proof, an area to roam around and a body of water such as a pool.

How To Adopt: Contact us below to arrange an appointment. We are not open to the public and viewing is by appointment only.


Telephone: 01773 712 999

Facebook: Brinsley animal rescue

Please bring or email photos of your set up.

Bring a box or crate with you for collection.

Adoption Fee: We ask for a £5 minimal donation per duck to help cover housing costs.

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