Molly the Pig Rescue

We had decided not to take on any more pigs, 12 pigs eat a lot of food.

However when we heard about this poor girl and saw the condition that she was in, we had to do what we could to help get her out of the squalid, muddy conditions that she was kept in.

Her previous owner moved house and left a neighbour to care for her for a few days. Months later he had not shown up and although the neighbour did what he could, he had only agreed to help out for a few days.

We are now looking asking for donations to help us, we need to build her a new home and fencing to give her plenty of room.

Currently she isn’t in good shape, she is overweight from little exercise and poor diet, she also has laboured breathing.

Can you suggest a name for her?

Can you make a small donation to help us care for her? If you can please click on the link below;

New pig

This is where she lived, up to her belly in mud.

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