Molly & Basil the Pygmy Goats Rehomed

Posted by Jon in Rehomed on Saturday 07/04/2012 09:34 +01:00.

Meet these two cherubs, Molly and Basil recently came too us. They are two friendly female Pygmy goats, that are with our group of 5 which also includes a large male and a pair of castrated males Pygmy’s.

Once wormed and vaccinated, they will be ready to be rehomed. If you can offer them a permanent life-long home, please get in touch. We always offer free advice to ensure you make the right decision and can offer them all the need they require.

Goats make very good pets, but there are a few critical things you need to consider;

1. Goats are herd animals and should be kept in groups of at least 2.

2. You need very strong and high fencing, at least 1.5m.

3. Goats hate rain and mud, they need good shelter, away from the elements.

4. Goats need to be wormed and vaccinated annually and their hooves trimmed every few weeks.

5. They will eat plants, trees and shrubs, beware of poisonous ones, goats can easily be poisoned.

6. Goats should never be tethered or kept on their own.



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