12 Hedghogs Released

12 Hedgehogs Released.

Whilst the weather was mild, we took the opportunity to release 12 hedgehogs. All have been treated for their injuries, fattened up to survive the winter, as well as poo samples taken and then treated appropriately for any internal and external parasites. This included three babies brought to us very dehydrated, cold, full of worms and weighing only 70 grams, all now healthy and ten times this weight.

We aim to always release them back to where they came from, this gives them the greatest chance of survival, as it is hedgehog friendly and the hog will know where food sources and habitat are. Sometimes we are not able to release back to their original location, in these circumstances we release to known hedgehog friendly sites.

We do receive a lot of requests to release hogs into people gardeners which are void of them, we however avoid this. If there are currently no hogs, this could be for good reason, manu modern gardens with plastic grass, slug pellets, rat poisons and chemical garden products not only harm hedgehogs but kill off their food.

If you have visiting hedgehogs please help them with fresh water and leave out chicken based wet cat food (not mealworms), they need our help. When it’s mild, some will wake up from hibernation in search of scarce food.

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