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We don’t take Herons in very often, when we do they have usually come on the wrong side of man. Often they have been been shot with air rifles, swallowed plastic or tangled up with fishing wire. This chappie though is a bit of a puzzle.

Rescued from Attenbourough Natutre Reserve, he came to us all all lethargic and not standling well. The good news is that he is eating and an X-Ray shows no signs of broken bones or pellets from being shot. He in now on a course of anti-inflammatory painkillers, the vets suspects some form of neurological issues.

When handling wildlife, we have to always be carefull, not only for the wellbeing of these wild animals which soon get stressed and can go into shock, but we must also consider our health and safety.

Herons have very long and sharp bills which they use to spear fish, they can also use them to defend themselves, they don’t know we are trying to help them. Wearing face protection is a must, our chainsaw mask comes in very handy!

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