Cockerels, cockerels, cockerels !!

Posted by Jon in News on Wednesday 10/02/2010 00:44 +01:00.

The phone rings and ‘can you rehome my cockerel’ is what we hear time and time again.

Too many people breed hens, buy chicks or hatch out fertilised eggs and seemed shocked when some are cockerels, male hens! Its a basic law of biology, for every female there is statistically a male but this is news for some people.

Unfortunately very few people want male chickens because they don’t lay eggs and they crow.

We currently have 5, and receive calls almost daily asking us to take more on. If you can offer a cockerel a home, please let us know.

If you are considering breeding hens, please don’t unless you are prepared to take on the responsibilities that go with it (and that includes schools too!!).  We are infuriated that so many schools incubate a clutch of eggs in order to teach children something (we aren’t sure what) and then so many schools ring up the local rescue centre to take on the cockerels or simply dispose of the males.  The only thing the school has taught children, in our minds, is how to irresponsibly breed unwanted animals.



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