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Kiwi Arrives at the Rescue

24 Aug 2018

Recently we took a call to take in this amazingly affectionate Kune Kune pig, who we now call Kiwi, when her partner had to be ethanised. Initially we had to say no, as we have to all too often, we can only take animals in when people rehomed the one we have and create space. […]

Rescue Stray Pig

19 Aug 2018

Meet Colin, a rescued stray pig. Unfortunately we get inundated with calls to take on unwanted pets, pigs are no exception to this, sadly we have to many away away every week, we can only take them more in when we have space, space created when people rehome rescued animals that we have. This chap […]

Meet Henry and Dixie

06 Aug 2018

These two are new admissions at the rescue, two unwanted pets Henry and Dixie. Thankfully they are safe now.  

Authur’s Re-homed

19 Jul 2018

Arthur has has gone, we are all missing him, however we are very happy, he’s in a great home. Its not everyday we re-home pigs, let alone commercial pigs that grow very large, but Arthur has gone to an amazing home. Arthur now lives with Lisa, Bart and Maggie who we re-homed a few weeks […]

Holly the Fairy Tail Story

27 Aug 2016

Holly’s story is truly a fairy tail ending, she is such a lucky girl. Last Christmas Eve a member of the public found Holly on the roadside, she had escaped from a factory farm. They called the farmer who just told them to throw her into the hedge bottom!. Thankfully they didn’t, the little angel […]

Click Here To See Our Available Pigs

14 Jul 2016

Thinking About Having A Pet Pig? Whilst pigs can make great pets, many people do not do their research and take on pigs and shortly afterwards regret it and then we receive the call to take on their pigs. We will offer unbiased advice. Pigs do make very good pets, they are clean and intelligent, […]

Thinking Of Getting A Micro-pig? Click Here

06 Jul 2016

This is a “micro pig”….. This is also a “Micro pig” The Truth About Micro Pigs Micro-pigs were all the rage a year or so ago, now the novelty has worn off, people have realised that these¬†intelligent, clean, highly sociable animals need love and attention and if not given that attention, can soon become¬†destructive, not […]

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