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One Lucky Sheep

24 Mar 2013

Meet our latest rescued sheep, this little girl has escaped almost certain death. Our currently unnamed lamb, was found by a member of the public on their garden patio of all places. So she was contained whilst they tried to locate her owners. Through her ear tag, she was traced back to a farm who […]

250 Factory Farmed Hens Rescued

17 Mar 2013

Today we rescued some ex-barn hens, we took on 250, unfortunately the remaining 20,000 odd will go for slaughter. These girls came all the way from Norfolk and are ready to be re-homed. They soon recover from their ordeal and make great pets. If you can offer a life-long home to a couple or more, please see our website regarding our re-homing conditions […]

UPDATE – 7 Little Guineas Found a Home.

14 Mar 2013

We have 7 little guinea pigs are all of varying ages and are all looking for homes.  They either need to go together or in pairs or to live with existing guinea pigs that someone may have. Two of them are special guineas that will need a special home, one is blind in an eye […]

Rabbits in Need of a Life-Long Home

10 Feb 2013

Every week without fail, we receive a call or an email asking us to take on more pets. We have a non-destruct policy, we never destroy an animal unless it is in the animals best interest, due to ill health or injury. Therefore we can only take in more animals when we create space by re-homing. But too often, […]

2012 In Review

17 Jan 2013

2012 was another challenging year for us, what with the appalling weather, a summer and winter of mud, but most of all, the sheer increasing number of calls to take in unwanted pets. Pets Unfortunately too many people treat pets as the disposable commodity, it is all too easy to get a pet without any checks, advice or neutering, then give it up. As […]

Owl Release

07 Jan 2013

This Tawny Owl was brought to us from Shipley County Park, where he was found lying on the ground, cold, wet and at deaths door. After a few hours in an incubator, he was warm enough to be force fed and treated. Over the next few days he gained strength, within a week he was eating by himself. […]

Meet the Walter the Cute Piglet

06 Jan 2013

This little chap is Walter, he is now only 8 days old and being hand reared. Born on 28 December, Walters 5 other siblings unfortunately died, we received a call to take on the only survivor. We are having to feed him every two hours during the day and 4 hours over night, without having mum around, he is under a heat […]

We Finally Move into the New Wildlife Hospital

16 Dec 2012

Earlier this year we were approached by the Executors of the estate of a kind lady, who, had unfortunately passed away. Being an animal lover, she had left her estate to animal charities. We put together an application for the funding to complete our wildlife hospital, which has been in progress for almost a year now. We were all jumping over […]