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Too many rabbits in the world………..

19 Jul 2015

Whilst ever there are unwanted animals in rescue centres there will never be any such thing as ‘responsible’ breeders.  Breeders make money and then rescue centres pick up the pieces and put things right. 13 rabbits came in yesterday from someone who had been breeding from them.  All need neutering and all need vaccinating before […]

Boris’s Birthday

05 Jul 2015

7 Years ago to day, 5 July 2008, a handsome South Devonshire Bull was born. The bull was born blind and not wanted by the farmer, that’s when Boris was rescued by us. We have never looked back and he is loved by all, he is such a sociable, loving, cuddly 1,500 Kg bear. People say […]

Percy’s Pig Arc Appeal

27 Jun 2015

Percy is a commercial pig who we rescued some 4 years ago, he was the only pig to have survived when the farmer had neglected his pigs and all but Percy had starved to death. Percy is very happy with us and lives with Molly, another commercial pig and so it is unlikely that we’ll […]

Piggies get their New Home

20 Jun 2015

We have some very good news about the piglets were rescued in April, but also have some very sad news. The two boars went to the vets to be castrated, unfortunately one was found to have a very large hernia, whilst he was not suffering, the hernia was not operable and he would suffer within […]

£6,500 Donation !!

11 Jun 2015

Unfortunately it’s quite rare for the charity to receive large donations, however we are extremely pleased to accept a donation of £6,500 from GWA Supplies. When GWA formed recently to supply parts and services to the wind turbine industry, they chose Brinsley Animal Rescue as their chosen charity, this generous company donate a portion of […]

Rescued Pony

31 May 2015

We have rescued yet another unwanted pony, the country is awash with them!. Up and down the country breeders are unnecessarily putting mares into foal when there is no hope of a future for them unless rescue centres step in. The owner of this pony had hundreds. The breeding had spiralled out of control and […]

Bring & Buys Sale Raises £1,702

02 May 2015

Bring and Buy – Thank you to all of our volunteers and everyone who came to our first ever bring and buys sale last Sunday, we raised an amazing £1,702. Thank you all.

Cuteness Overload

25 Apr 2015

These piglets, probably around 2 days old, were dumped in the suburbs of London. They first went to a large national animal welfare organisation, unfortunately they said that they were too difficult to rear and they were going to be destroyed. Thank goodness, the vets who originally found them, decided they would not let this […]