Please Give Maggi & Marzia A Loving Home….** Home Found**

We’ve have now found a home



Gender: Female

Age: 2-3

Breed: English Spot x

Vaccinated: Yes

Neutered: Yes

Bonded to Marzia

Gender: Female

Age: 2-3

Breed: Angora x polish

Vaccinated: Yes

Neutered: Yes

Bonded to Maggi

As part of Rabbit Awareness week we are really trying to find Marzia and Maggi a loving home….

We arrived at Brinsley Animal Rescue in October and have been looking for a furever home every since! We have been at the centre for too long and would really appreciate a home to call for ourselves!

We came from another rescue centre and so not much is known about our past. However, we are currently a lovely pair of rabbits that would be ideal for a beginner to the bunny world. We do not mind being picked up and we are very curious! We are fully grown and we love our food! We love to play with toys – in particular things that we can chew such as willow beds and mats.

A lot of people seem to be put off by Marzia. She is white with red eyes but she is an adorable ball of fluff! This also puts people off as well as she will need regular grooming and checking in the summer to make sure her bottom is clean – otherwise she could get a condition called flystrike.

The ideal set up for these two would either be a outdoor 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch with a fox proof run attached of 6ft x 6ft or more. They are litter trained so they could become indoor bunnies as well – as long as you don’t mind the hair!

To help cover the costs of neutering, vaccinations and housing costs we ask for a minimal donation of £75.

So please if you can offer a home please contact us to book a appointment to come see them!

Contact us at:

Email : [email protected]

Telephone: 01773 712 999

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