Cow Pedicure Time

Although this looks a little brutal, the process of cutting the cows hooves doesn’t hurt them at all, it’s just like having your nails cut, but their nails are large and need a cutting disc on the end of an expert! The cows don’t know that we are there to help them, so they can get a little stressed by the noise and the confinement of cattle crush, essential to carry out the procedure. Reassurance from us and a few treats soon gets them settled. A few minutes after the procedure and back in the field, you would wound what all the fuss was about!

The routine examination and trimming of hooves is essential for the wellbeing of the cows. Marcus Holt has been carrying out our hoof trimming for years, we choose him due to his expert knowledge and respect for our cows during this delicate procedure.

This routine process is essential, to examine the hooves for rot, ulcers and bruising and to cut the hooved for comfort and to ensure the cows have equal weight distributions and prevent other issues including lameness. Lameness is a serious risk to cows weighing, especially Boris weighing some 1.5 tonnes.


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