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Foxes go to their release pen

22 Oct 2011

  Today was a big day for 2 little foxes we have hand reared.  One of the foxes came in with awful mange and had ongoing treatment for 9 weeks!  We have really struggled to find a suitable site for these foxes be released at.  Other sanctuaries are also having difficulty finding suitable sites.  Thanks […]

More Dartmoors find a new home

04 Oct 2011

Back in March we took in 3 more Dartmoor ponies that were destined for slaughter.  Today Henry and Jerry (also known as Splash and Bubbles) found a fabulous home.  They have gone to live with an older gelding called ‘Alfie’ who had already met and befriended the boys.  Their new owner has also handled and […]

VOTE FOR US – And we could win £1,500 to £5,000

19 Sep 2011

Animal Friends Insurance provide insurance for pets. they have set themselves an amazing challenge of raising £1million by the end of 2012.  So far they have raised £450,000. Each month they chose 4 animal charities, each will recive at least £1,500 if the get at least 100 votes, second place gets £3,500 and first £5,000. […]

Summer Open Day Success

16 Aug 2011

On Sunday we held our annual summer open day and what a great success it was. We saw over 1,000 visitors come through the gates of the sanctuary, normally closed to the public. On the day we raised £4,000 vital funds needed to keep our voluntary charity running. Although the doors officially opened at 11am, there was a steady queue forming by 10:30 and people were […]

175 Ex-Battery Hens Rescued

26 Jul 2011

In the past couple of weeks we have rescued another 175 battery hens, this includes 100 from Wales, in collaboration with the British Hen Welfare Trust. Battery hens, just like free range hens, are sent for slaughter at around 18 months old, they are replaced with younger hens to keep farms’ egg production rates high. The 175 […]

6 Ewes Rescued

17 Jul 2011

A few weeks ago our friends at Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary took in 30 sheep from a gentleman who could no longer care for them. We are helping by taking on 6 ewes, and they have made good friends with our resident ram, Jakey. The ewes are now all wormed, hooves trimmed and wool sheared, […]

Epic Hedgehog Rescue

10 Jul 2011

We don’t go out to rescue trapped animals, with working full time whilst running the sanctuary, we struggle to cope with that let alone going out rescuing even more creatures. Today though we could not say no when a couple turned up telling us about a hedgehog, that had been trapped for at least two […]

Baby Tawny Owl

30 Jun 2011

This beautiful tawny owl chick came to us three weeks ago. She was found at the base of a tree and was on the brink of death. She could not even stand, she was very weak and dehydrated. We started by warming her up in an incubator, then after a few hours and warm, we had to […]

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