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Fox Cub

03 Apr 2011

This little chap is the first fox cub of the season, he was found during building works which disturbed the mother. He is probably around four weeks old so still being fed on milk, our task will be to keep him warm and bottle feed on milk replacement.  Fox cubs do require a lot of attention, they […]

Bertie finds a loving home

27 Mar 2011

Today Bertie was moved to his new, life-long home where he has an acre of land, a girlfriend and a stable to sleep in, a far cry fom the bungelow he came from, living on his own. Bertie met his girlfriend for the first time, he and Poppy, did a bit of speed dating.      

Baby Rabbits Tossed Out Like an Unwanted Present!

26 Mar 2011

Almost every day we receive calls asking us to take on unwanted animals, mainly rabbits and all too often its baby rabbits, from irresponsible owners who have not neutered their pets and now have a litter of more. In the past week, we have been asked to take on three litters and 10 adults, that’s almost as […]

Dartmoor Ponies Rescued in the nick of time!

19 Mar 2011

Today we rescued 3 Dartmoor Ponies that were due to be shot this morning for pet food! Once more we find this sad situation. Yet again many young Dartmoor Ponies are facing slaughter as the unwanted ponies become animal feed. A century ago 30,000 of these ponies roamed the moors, now just 1,500 remain.  They […]

Geese and Ganders

12 Mar 2011


Solomon and Latchley

06 Mar 2011

These two guys were taking in by us in 2010 and re-homed, unfortunately things didn’t work out and today their back with us. These two castrated pygmy goats are very friendly and need to be re-homed together. They need a field or large garden, with secure fencing and somewhere to sleep and escape from the sun, wind and rain.  

Rehomed Billy and Smartie

27 Feb 2011

It didn’t take us long before these two guys found a new home. They were originally rescued from a home where they were abused, now, thanks to Brinsley Animal Rescue they have found a life-long loving home. They have a large stable and their own paddock, boy they are lucky.

Gerard & Walter move to their new home

13 Feb 2011

We rescued Gerard and Walter back in in 2008, today finally they were moved to their new home, where they will be loved and fussed over, for the rest of their natural life. Pigs, when castrated and kept in pairs or groups, in suitable conditions, make fantastic pets. Pigs are highly intelligent, very sociable,  clean and surprisingly easy to look […]

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