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Rescue Stray Pig

19 Aug 2018

Meet Colin, a rescued stray pig. Unfortunately we get inundated with calls to take on unwanted pets, pigs are no exception to this, sadly we have to many away away every week, we can only take them more in when we have space, space created when people rehome rescued animals that we have. This chap […]

Open Day Success

14 Aug 2018

A massive thank you to everyone who supported our annual Summer Open Day. Thanks to our hard working volunteers who have been so busy preparing, setting up, baking and clearing away. Thank you also to the 600 people who came and visited us, despite the really poor weather and who braved the mud. Taking into […]

Rescued Goose

08 Aug 2018

On Sunday we were called to see if we could rescue a poor Canadian Goose at the Riverside Festival, he had collapsed amongst the crowds of people. We soon caught him and put him into a goose bag to safely transport him back to our wildlife hospital, then just as we were leaving, the Festival […]

Meet Henry and Dixie

06 Aug 2018

These two are new admissions at the rescue, two unwanted pets Henry and Dixie. Thankfully they are safe now.  

Cow Pedicure Time

06 Aug 2018

Although this looks a little brutal, the process of cutting the cows hooves doesn’t hurt them at all, it’s just like having your nails cut, but their nails are large and need a cutting disc on the end of an expert! The cows don’t know that we are there to help them, so they can […]

Seagull Rehab

28 Jul 2018

Based as far away from the sea as we possibly can be it isn’t that often we get in gulls. However they are well known scavengers at tips and do come inland to see what human food they can scrounge. This cocky young gull came in last week and is eating all on his own. […]

Authur’s Re-homed

19 Jul 2018

Arthur has has gone, we are all missing him, however we are very happy, he’s in a great home. Its not everyday we re-home pigs, let alone commercial pigs that grow very large, but Arthur has gone to an amazing home. Arthur now lives with Lisa, Bart and Maggie who we re-homed a few weeks […]

Magic gets a Life Long Home

17 Jul 2018

Over the weekend we dropped off Magic one of our Dartmoor ponies to his beautiful new home. He is now living as a companion pony with a lovely mare called ‘Cariad’. She wasn’t too pleased to be sharing her field at first but we are sure they’ll both be friends soon. Lucky little Magic.