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22 Jun 2020

Another pigeon squab arrives to be hand reared. This squab needed rescuing, he was on the floor having fallen out of the nest. Far too often fledglings are picked up which should not be disturbed. Pigeons make great parents, but they aren’t very clever at making secure nests, they often resemble a pile of twigs […]

Swan Release

14 Jun 2020

We have released another swan, the second in two days, after treatment. We rescued this one after reports that she had collapsed. On release we Searched for her partner, however he couldn’t be found, we left her near her nest and she was calling out for him. We hope they become reunited.  


14 Jun 2020

Another feed for one of the 5 hoglets we are currently rearing, these require a feeds every two to three hours now from 5am until 23:00. The rate of decline in hedgehogs is unsustainable, we all need to do everything we can to help these native creatures. If you can, please leave a wild part […]

Buzzard Appeal

12 Jun 2020

Can you please help us raise £1,000 for this beautiful buzzards treatment and recovery? This buzzard arrived late Wednesday evening after being found grounded. She was very weak and thin and obviously had a wing injury. After a short examination, we left her to destress overnight with food. Subsequently we have confirmed that she has a […]

Piggies Rehomed

11 Jun 2020

Our piggies Emily and Freddie have been rehomed, they went to their new pad yesterday. Both pigs were given up by their previous owners. Emily and Freddie came in separately and were both naughty pigs in their own way. Freddie could be aggressive to other pigs and humans, although Emily is small, she too was […]

Rescued, Four Dumped Rabbits

22 Mar 2020

This week we have taken in eleven rabbits, in the same period of time, one has been offered a home. Of the eleven bunnies, sadly four were found dumped in woods in Derby by a dog walker. We are completely full, but had to work creatively to find them space. There are three females and […]

Sheep Rescued and Homed

22 Mar 2020

The three sheep we recently took in from a bad home are all sorted. They have been sheared, wormed and had their hooves trimmed. Today they have gone to a great new temporary home. They will be back with us in the late Spring but for now they have an amazing home with lush grass […]

Jimmy our Little Fighter

24 Feb 2020

Beautiful little Jimmy who couldn’t walk 2 weeks ago decided to have a pootle round the front garden today. His stamina still isn’t good but he stands and walks better every day and loves having a little brush and fuss. He’s doing so well but has a long way to go before we see him […]