Animal Hospital Fund Raising

We are now raising funds to build a new dedicated facility for the care of sick and injured small animals. This ambitious project will provide the means to provide specialist care for animals in acute conditions, as well quarantine incoming animals for the protection of resident animals.

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Start of the Silly Season

19 Apr 2015

We often refer to Spring as the silly season, that’s because we get a constant precession of baby animals that need rescuing, everything from pigeons to foxes, hedgehogs to birds of prey. These two chaps are scwabs, baby wood pigeons. Unfortunately due to limited resources, we cannot cope with the shear number of calls to […]

More Hoglets Rescued

18 Jul 2014

Last night was spent rehydrating hoglets and picking fly eggs and maggots from them, Ugh. Painstaking but worth it if they all survive. What I actually wanted to be doing was trying a new recipe for cookies, making a spicy quinoa salad and applying a Lush facemask. Sadly a 1am finish, a stale sandwich and […]

Hedgehog Crazy!

13 Jul 2014

It’s gone baby hedgehog crazy!!! Over the past week we have had endless calls about teenage size hedgehogs getting into difficulty. Most have come in dehydrated and on Friday night we had 3 in with maggots crawling all over them. Unfortunately we had to put 2 to sleep but with this little man we managed […]

Fox with Mange Rescued

27 Jan 2014

We fetched this poor fox this weekend from a nearby town. Initial reports were that the fox was lying in a hedge bottom and looking very sorry for himself, it didn’t sound good at all. By the time we got there, all kitted out to rescue him, he had moved. Even a dying animal, fearing […]

Baby Rabbits

18 Jul 2013

This chap is one of two baby wild rabbits that we have with us at the moment, they are both now weaned and eating solids. Now fending for themselves, we can now minimise human contact and get them wild, ready for release. One rabbit was found under a car, the other captured by a pet cat. Both […]

We Finally Move into the New Wildlife Hospital

16 Dec 2012

Earlier this year we were approached by the Executors of the estate of a kind lady, who, had unfortunately passed away. Being an animal lover, she had left her estate to animal charities. We put together an application for the funding to complete our wildlife hospital, which has been in progress for almost a year now. We were all jumping over […]

Wildlife Hospital – Update

04 Feb 2012

In 2011 we were granted planning permission to convert a large garage, which we will use to treat wildlife that comes into the charity. We have been working very hard raising the funds for this vital work, now with £8,000 raised so far, we are able to start the first stage. Now the the garage […]

Animal Hospital Sponsored Walk

19 Jun 2011

Today we held a sponsored walk, raising funds for our animal hospital. The event passed of extremely well with much fun to be had by all, a great walk and an opportunity to talk to people whilst helping a great cause. After the two hour walk around the local villages, we returned to the sanctuary for drinks and loads of scrummy vegan cakes! We have […]

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