Bunny Boys Homed

Posted by Jon in News on Sunday 20/12/2020 14:41 +01:00.

This morning this beautiful pair of bunnies went to their new life-long loving home. The cage has now been cleansed and disinfected, before it has hardly dried the next bunny will arrive looking for a home.Its so sad that we cannot possibly cope with the shear number of requests to take in unwanted rabbits. Some of these requests are from people who genuinely want to keep their loved pet and through no fault of their own, have to face reality and are very upset. Sadly though that’s not the norm. The majority of rabbits that come to us bought from breeders or pet shops, they have lived a solitary life, they are not vaccinated and not neutered.All of our bunnies are vaccinated against VHD1 & VHD2 as well as myxomatosis and they are neutered before we re-home them, we always home in pairs or groups

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