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Meet Billy, Douglas and Herbert – Rescued Dairy Calves

24 May 2014

Like all other mammals, cows have to produce calves to produce milk. Cows produce milk for their offspring, not for humans and so the calves are the dairy waste by-product. The male calves and many of the females are taken from their mum’s at a day or so old and slaughtered, many end up in pet […]

200 Chickens Saved from Slaughter

24 May 2014

This week we have rescued a further 200 hens from a commercial caged farm in Cambridge, these hens would have otherwise been killed for pet food or cheap pies. Egg laying hens have a bleak life, as soon as they lay eggs around 16 weeks, they are confined into overcrowded cages, with little of their […]

M62 Lorry Crash – Rescued chickens

19 May 2014

You may have heard TV and Radio News Reports about a lorry crash on the M62 as it was travelling to the slaughterhouse, with 7,000 hens on-board. Unfortunately over 1,000 hens were killed in the crash and many more strewn across the carriageway. Whilst a few hundred were rescued, many thousands continued with their horrific journey […]

The Lovely Tails – Charity Shop

12 May 2014

We are now selling merchandise online to raise funds for Brinsley Animal Rescue. Please see our Facebook page  

Hedgehog Awareness Week 4th – 10th May

06 May 2014

Today we will be live on Radio Nottingham’s lunchtime show putting the finishing touches to a hedgehog box in order to raise awareness for this native little creature that is currently fighting for survival. Over the weekend 2 of us (and a friend that was visting us socially) made 2 hedgehog boxes, 1 of which […]

Mice and Gerbils in need of a Loving Home

04 May 2014

If you can offer a life-long loving home for mice or gerbils, please get in touch with Laura at Kirkby Pet Welfare at – Or Facebook Or call Laura on  mobile number if you like, 07807 209212. There are a pair of baby male mice, 6 weeks old, must stay as a pair. 6 female mice […]