Mice and Gerbils in need of a Loving Home

Posted by Jon in Rehomed on Sunday 04/05/2014 14:44 +01:00.
If you can offer a life-long loving home for mice or gerbils, please get in touch with Laura at Kirkby Pet Welfare at – rehome@kirkbypetwelfare.org

Or Facebook

Or call Laura on  mobile number if you like, 07807 209212.

There are a pair of baby male mice, 6 weeks old, must stay as a pair.
6 female mice (1 is mother, 2-6 are 6 week old babies) must be homed in at least pairs.

Xenon, single adult male mouse.

6 male gerbil babies, 8 weeks old. Must go in at least pairs. Can be introduced to someone’s lone male gerbil, we’ve done lots of intros that have gone fine.

They also have 7 female gerbils, will get good photos of them in next day or so. There’s 4 brown adults and 3 8 week old babies (1 white, 1 silver, 1 grey). They’re all one group, need to go in at least pairs.

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