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Spring 2014 Newsletter

27 Apr 2014

Welcome to our Spring 2014 newsletter, which you can download from the link below; Spring 2014 Newsletter We aim to make this a regular feature, to promote what the charity does and help us raise vital funds. If you have rescued an animal from us and want to share the store with our readers, please […]

A sad weekend at the Rescue

13 Apr 2014

It is hard enough running a rescue, giving up all of your free time to care for rescued animals and raising the funds, but coping with them passing away is something we never get use to.  As I type this post, I have tears rolling down my face as it has been one of the […]

Event 5 July

07 Apr 2014

Thunderbrook Equestrian’s Dr Debbie Carley is hosting a talk on Equine Nutrition in aid of Brinsley Animal Rescue. If you have a horse please book your place now and help us raise vital funds, please also support this event by sharing it on Facebook. Tickets are £7 in advance and £10 0n the day at […]

Sociable Rabbits

06 Apr 2014

Meet Fergus and Alice, they are deeply in love and are completely inseparable. Alice was rescued by a member of the public, who found her wrapped in a bin liner, thrown away, just like a piece of rubbish, Fergus’s story isn’t much better. Fergus came in with two other rabbits, each were infected with E. […]